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George Heriot's School F P Curling Club

George Heriot’s FP Curling Club

(Founded 2010)

A group of members and friends at the 2017 Summer Barbecue


Honorary Secretary’s Report for Season 2016-17


All good things must come to an end and so it was with the Club’s dominance of the Edinburgh Schools FP League over the past 4 years. Although it was disappointing to lose our grasp on the Broom, season 2016-17 was certainly not our poorest season, with the Club having a good run through to the semi-final stage of the KGIV Cup and performing better in the Half Century League than in recent seasons. The decision to withdraw from the Linlithgow Trophy League eased selection problems for the remaining competitions, but we still encountered difficulties in fielding competitive rinks in Division 3 of the Province League. However, following consultation with the membership, it has been decided to continue to participate in that competition next season.

 We continue to bask in the reflective glow of Bruce Mouat’s achievements.  Bruce not only won the Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship for the 4th time together with his partner Gina Aitken, skipped his rink to the Winter Universiade gold medal and then went on reach the final of the Scottish Championships.


 One new playing member, Denis Howell, was recruited during the year. Sadly, Denis was unaware that none of our fixtures are played on mid-week mornings and has yet to turn out for the club. We would welcome greater participation by ALL our playing members and have also asked the School Development Office to place an advertisement for members through the Grapevine magazine.

Season’s Results

   Our thanks go to George Edington (FP League), Tim Price (Half Century), Ian Brockie (Province) and myself (Other fixtures) for selecting and organising our rinks in these matches.

                                                 Played                             Won                      Lost                       Peeled

FP League                                   12                           5                            5                               2

Half Century                              10                           5                            5                               0 

Province Div 3                             8                           2                            6                               0

Other Matches                           5                           3                             1                               1                                                                      

All Matches                               35                        15                            17                              3


FP League

Although we had won the FP League for the last four years, the margin of victory was narrowing and so it was no great surprise that our period of supremacy was ended this season. The title passed to Watsonians which delighted Lauchlan Maclean who had admitted to becoming concerned that he might not live long enough to see a Watsonian victory!

Sadly, Edinburgh Accies have decided not to take part in next season’s FP League. It has been decided to continue with just three clubs next season whilst the hunt continues for another FP club to take Accies place in season 2018-19 and beyond.

 Half Century League

With the club withdrawing from the Linlithgow Trophy League it was decided to play with a larger squad in this season’s Half Century League. Our rinks were selected from Tim Price (skip), George Edington, Ian Brockie, Jack Aitken, Bryan Chatham, Douglas Goddard and Eric Begbie  and enjoyed an improved season, finishing in mid-table.

Province Division 3

 A mid-week 9.30pm start is not everyone’s idea of an ideal time to curl and it would be fair to say that we struggled to field strong rinks once more this season. The standard of opposition in Division 3 was challenging but it was noticeable that when we were able to field a competitive rink, we were able to win matches.

 Our rinks were selected from those who had indicated that they were available for selection for each match. An indication of the challenge in raising rinks can be seen from the fact that no fewer than ten members turned out over the season.

Watsonian Challenge Rosebowl

The winner of the Ian Brown Rosebowl is determined by the outcome of matches between the two clubs in the FP League.  Watsonians comfortably retained the trophy that they had won the previous year, winning both matches in the first round of matches and winning one and drawing the other in the  second round of matches .

FPs V School Challenge Quaich

This season the Quaich was decided by the winner of the match between one rink from the School and one from the FP Curling Club.

The School rink had not had a successful season and so it was decided that the FPs would not need to field a strong rink. This judgement proved to be sound with the FP rink of Harry Chapman, Douglas Goddard, Malcolm Wright and skip Rachel Dakers running out comfortable winners by a score of 10-1.

Following the match, the FP Club provided afternoon tea for all players and spectators and the opportunity was taken to issue membership application forms to all members of the School rink.

Other Matches

The club had a good run in the KGIV Cup before losing in the semi-final to 37 Club. Mike Spooner, Jack Aitken, Drew Wightman and George Edington played in the earlier round and in the third and semi-final rounds Eric Begbie and Tim Price replaced Drew and George. In the only other ‘friendly’ match versus Boswall Curling Club, the match was tied.

Individual Members’ Successes

 As mentioned earlier in this report, Bruce Mouat has had another successful season. Whilst unable to match Bruce’s outstanding season, Rowena Kerr has been a regular on the Women’s Curling Champions Tour, playing 3rd in Gina Aitken’s rink.

Committee Meetings

The Committee met twice during the year and discussed a number of other issues by email. My thanks on behalf of the members go to them all for their time and contributions.                        

Club Website

Thanks are due to Eric Begbie who acts as webmaster for the Club’s website and who has been meticulous in recording the outcome of match results. Sadly Eric is moving to Harrogate shortly and he will be sorely missed, both as player and administrator.

Club Sweaters

No further sweater orders were placed during the season which means that less than half of the playing membership is able to wear Club sweaters when representing the Club in matches.  It is hoped that more members will take the opportunity to purchase Club sweaters before the start of next season.  These are light blue woollen v-neck sweaters bearing the Heriot crest and members can opt to have their name embroidered on the Club sweater.  The sweaters are available from Sports Warehouse in Coburg Steet, Leith.

Finally, my thanks go to all members, but to Harry Chapman, Jamieson Walker and Bryan Chatham in particular as they have answered late calls to arms on more than one occasion, thereby avoiding the Club in the expense of ice fee penalties.


Douglas J Goddard

Honorary Secretary

28 March 2017


In action against the School Curling Club




George Heriot's FP Curling Club, Edinburgh, Scotland