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George Heriot's School F P Curling Club

George Heriot’s FP Curling Club

(Founded 2010)

A group of members and friends at the 2017 Summer Barbecue


Honorary Secretary’s Report for Season 2018-19


Whilst last season was the Club’s most successful in terms of the number of trophies won, this season was, by some way, the Club’s poorest playing record in our short history, with only 5 wins recorded in 22 matches. Whilst the failure to hold on to a number of the trophies won last season was disappointing, of greater concern was the difficulties which all three selectors found in persuading members to turn out for matches.

On the brighter side, we continue to bask in the reflected glow of Bruce Mouat’s achievements.  Bruce’s rink successfully defended their Scottish Championship and won the gold medal at the European Championships. They are currently in Canada playing in the World championships where they will be trying to improve on the bronze medal they achieved last time


 At last year’s AGM it was decided to raise the non-playing subscription from £zero to £5 and this resulted in the following non-playing members ending their membership:

Stewart Cobb

Colin Mouat

Connor Lurring

  One new playing member, Willie McLeish, was recruited during the year, bringing the number of playing members up to 20. Sadly, no fewer than 5 of those failed to turn out for the Club in any matches over the course of the season.

Season’s Results

   Our thanks go to George Edington (FP League), Tim Price (Half Century) and myself (Other fixtures) for selecting and organising our rinks in these matches.

                                                 Played                   Won                       Lost                        Peeled

FP League                                    8                           3                            5                               0

Half Century                              10                          1                            8                               1                           

Other Matches                           4                           1                            3                               0                                                                      

All Matches                               22                           5                          16                               1


FP League

Whilst it was disappointing not to defend the ‘Broom’, all matches in the FP League were closely contested. Going in to the final round of matches, Stewarts Melville would have won the title for the first time had they beaten both Heriot’s FP rinks but Malcolm Wright’s rink ensured this was not to be. We congratulate Watsonians on their second winning of the ‘Broom’.

 Half Century League

We had another disappointing season in the Half Century League, finishing second bottom of the league table. Tim Price (skip), George Edington and Ian Brockie played on a regular basis whilst Jack Aitken and Bryan Chatham took turns to fill the final place.

Watsonian Challenge Rose Bowl

The winner of the Ian Brown Rose Bowl is determined by the outcome of matches between the two clubs in the FP League. Watsonians regained the trophy by collecting 6 points to Heriot’s 2.

Wilson Heatlie Memorial Trophy

The winner of the Wilson Heatlie Memorial Trophy is determined by the outcome of matches between Heriot’s FP and Stewarts Melville in the FP league. The clubs were tied on 4 points each with Heriot’s FP regaining the trophy by 6 shots on countback

FPs V School Challenge Quaich

Sadly, the annual match between the School and FP Curling Clubs did not take place for the second year running. The reason given was that the School curlers were new to curling this season and not yet ready to play a competitive match against the FP Club. The School had also declined the FP Curling Club’s invitation to partake in the traditional after match refreshments. It would seem that the tradition of School V FP matches in all sports may have run its course. I expressed the Club’s disappointment to the Principal over the cancellation of the annual fixture which is our main opportunity to socialise with the school curlers and encourage them to join the FP Curling Club on leaving school.

Other Matches

The Club was well beaten in the 1st Round of the KGIV Cup and relinquished their hold on the Wilson Heatlie Trophy to Boswall Curling Club. We also lost to Edinburgh Accies in our annual friendly match but recorded a win in our match in the Midlothian Province Bonspiel.

Summer Social Activity

The Club took part in a Jazz Cruise up the Forth estuary in August which was attended by six couples, including past President Eric Begbie and his wife who had come up from Harrogate.

Committee Meetings

The Committee met twice during the year and discussed a number of other issues by email. My thanks on behalf of the members go to them all for their time and contributions.                           

Club Website

Thanks are due to Eric Begbie who, although domiciled in Harrogate, acts as webmaster for the Club’s website and has been meticulous in recording the outcome of match results.

Club Sweaters

Sadly, the company that manufactured the light blue sweater that the FP Curling Club had adopted as its Club colour had decided to cease manufacturing that colour. It is recommended that members source their own light blue sweater and have the Heriot crest embroidered on it by Sports Warehouse at a modest cost of £3.

Finally, my thanks, and congratulations, go to all members who turned out for the Club during the season, together with a plea to those members who did not turn out to make an effort to do so next season.


Douglas J Goddard

Honorary Secretary

30 March 2019



In action against the School Curling Club




George Heriot's FP Curling Club, Edinburgh, Scotland