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George Heriot's School F P Curling Club

George Heriot’s FP Curling Club

(Founded 2010)

A group of members and friends at the 2017 Summer Barbecue

George Heriot’s FP Curling Club

(Founded 2010)

Honorary Secretary’s Report for Season 2022-23


 In last season’s Report I expressed the hope that 2021-22 might prove to be a landmark season for the Club. Sadly, that was not the case and it may well be that those senior players who had delivered great success over the past 10 years or so were no longer able to give us the edge that we had become accustomed to.

Should that prove to be the case then the Club has, at least, made a start to taking advantage of the amendment to the Constitution, allowing members to nominate for Playing membership curlers who do not meet the original requirements for membership.

 We continue to bask in the reflected glow of Bruce Mouat’s achievements. A few weeks ago Bruce’s rink won the right to represent Scotland once more by winning the Scottish Championships for the fourth time and, with partner Jen Dodds regained the Mixed Doubles title that they lost to Bobbie Lammie and Eve Muirhead last year. It would be great to be able to welcome Bruce back for a game or two with Heriot’s if his busy schedule would permit.

The club was delighted to hear of the success of those members who play at the elite end of the sport. Rachel Dakers was a member of the rink that was runner-up in the Womens’ National Championships whilst Mike Dick  was a member of the rink that finished runner-up in the Scottish Masters event. It is a few years since Rachel turned out for the club and it would be good if she too could fit in the odd game in this time of need.


 Season 2022-23 saw the death of our first President, Drew Wightman and that of Denis Howell who was a member of Dave Munro’s rink in the final game of last season’s FP League. We extend our sympathies to Tina Howell and her boys. Sadly, another former President of the Club, Ian Brockie , who was diagnosed as suffering from dementia last season, has had a difficult year, having had to be looked after in hospital over the past few months. Other members who retired as playing members in 2022-23 were Jamieson Walker, Harry Chapman and Bryan Chatham, leaving the club short of front end players.

The Club was pleased to welcome two new members, Keith Walker, who had been nominated for Playing membership by Denis Howell and whose availability for a number of the Half Century matches ensured that the Club was able to field complete rinks in the majority of games and David Russell who played his first ever game of curling for the Club in the FP League match versus Stewarts Melville. The Club also saw the debut of Garnett Howells who, although living and working in the USA, had joined the Club last season and helped the Club to its only win in this season’s FP League whilst home on holiday.

Although the club has 16 playing members, only 11 turned out for the Club during the season. Ai the last Committee Meeting it was resolved that each member should be asked to nominate at least one new Playing member for membership of the Club and, in addition, that efforts should be made, via the Quadrangle magazine, to encourage  former members of the School Curling Club to join the FP  Curling Club.

Season’s Results

   Our thanks go to George Edington (FP League), Tim Price (Half Century) and I (Other Matches) for selecting and organising our rinks in these matches.

                                                 Played                   Won                       Lost                        Peeled

FP League                                    6                          1                            5                               0

Half Century                               9                          2                             6                               1 

Other Matches                           3                          2                             1                              0                                                                      

All Matches                               18                        5                             12                            1


FP League

Having won ‘The Broom’ last year, it was very disappointing to finish in last place 12 months later. Time and time again George Edington had to send out reminders before being able to field complete rinks and it was necessary for the Club to invoke the rule that allowed players to play in both matches, provided they played in the lead position

 Half Century League

This year’s Half Century league saw the addition of several strong rinks, including an all ladies rink skipped by last year’s President of the Royal Club, Susan Kelsey. Having occupied the lower reaches of the league table in recent  years , it was no disgrace to do so again this season. Tim Price and Willie McLeish shared the responsibility of skipping the rink with support from George Edington, Keith Walker, Jack Aitken, Douglas Goddard, and Malcolm Wright.

The Club was delighted to see Tim Price accepting the Royal Club’s invitation to represent Scotland in this year’s tour of Canada. Sadly, this year’s tourists were unable to repeat the success of the last Club member to tour in Canada, the late Wilson Heatlie.

Watsonian Challenge Rosebowl

The winner of the Ian Brown Rose Bowl is determined by the outcome of matches between the two clubs in the FP League. Watsonians regained the trophy by winning both matches by scores of 9-4 and 8-7.

Wilson Heatlie Memorial Trophies

It would be fair to say that the match against Boswall was seen as the Club’s best opportunity to win silverware in a poor season and our rink of Dave Munro, Malcolm Wright Tim Price and Douglas Goddard succeeded with a 7-4 win.

The second Wilson Heatlie trophy is played for between Heriot’s FP and Stewarts Melville with the winner being determined by the outcome of the two matches in the FP League. Stewarts Melville retained the trophy with wins of 7-4 and 8-3 en route to winning the FP League

Other Matches

Sadly, the club had to concede the 1st round tie against Clydesdale bank following an error by Honorary Secretary Douglas Goddard in the starting time of the tie. This was not only an expensive error for Douglas and for the Club but it denied new member David Russell what was to have been his first match for the club.

After several years when there was no fixture between the School and FP curling clubs, the Club was delighted to be asked if the FP Curling Club would be interested in resuming what had been an annual fixture. The School Curling club had reverted to offering curling for years 1-3 and years 4-6 and former curling mistress Kirsteen Lydon had returned to work following her maternity leave of absence.

This year’s match was a one rink match with the FPs reversing their normal playing order. The FP Rink, in playing order, was George Edington, Malcolm Wright, Douglas Goddard and skip Jack Aitken and they proved too strong for the School, winning by 8-1.

Summer Social Activity

This year’s summer social activity took the form of an educational visit to the Surgeons’ Museum in Edinburgh where those attending received a guided tour from one of the staff, followed by lunch in the museum cafe. The club is indebted to Ed Stanley for organising what was a very enjoyable day.

Committee Meetings

The Committee met twice during the year and discussed other issues by email. My thanks on behalf of the members go to them all for their time and contributions.                     

Club Website

Thanks are due to Past President Eric Begbie who, although no longer curling , acts as webmaster for the Club’s website and has been meticulous in recording the outcome of match results.



Douglas J Goddard

Honorary Secretary

30  March 2023



In action against the School Curling Club




George Heriot's FP Curling Club, Edinburgh, Scotland